10 Crucial Facts that Prove Small Businesses Need a Phone

Sponsored guest post from Tresta, providers of cloud-based phones for small businesses; by Stephanie Jones.

The standard issue argument is that small businesses and startups don’t have enough staff or time to answer phone calls or emails. Another claim: most customers want to find information themselves rather than talk to someone on the phone.

While there is definitely a demographic to which that applies, there are still people who prefer the phone over any other channel. In addition, there are complex issues that simply cannot be solved over chat or email.

In fact, as of 2015, 81 percent of customers prefer the phone when connecting with a brand or organization.

Social media consultant and expert, Mari Smith, explained the phone gives brands more personality and will help set organizations apart in the future.

“The ability to call up and get a real human being — the companies who can do that and go back to basics are really the ones that will be winning out and humanizing their brand,” Smith said.

Social media and your business’ FAQ page go a long way at arming others with the information they need to make decisions, however, they can’t do it alone. There are instances where your customers or investors want to know more, and the only way they can gather more intel is to speak with a live person over the phone.

It is possible you are losing these precious investors or customers all because your business has no phone number. If you’re still not convinced you need one, here are ten crucial facts that will prove your business needs a phone ASAP.

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