10 times filing your taxes was like Stranger Things

Tax Season

1. When you feel like your accountant is speaking in code.

2. When all your friends give you conflicting advice.

3. When you’re stocking up on provisions for an all-nighter.

4. When you set out to do your taxes yourself, then realize you’re in over your head.

5. Math.

6. When your accountant shows up and sees everything you still need to do.

7. When you find out you’re getting audited.

8. When you can’t find all the paperwork your auditor asked for.

9. When your significant other is sick of listening to you talk about it.

10. When it’s all over and you can finally let loose.

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Max Schreiter
By Max Schreiter

The information and tips we’re sharing in this article are meant to be a starting point for your year-end tax prep, so you can be informed and feel confident when working with your accountant. Be sure to check with a tax expert in your country or region for any specific advice you need, as each business (and tax district) is different. As our lawyers would say: “This article is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal or financial advice.”