1,000 and growing

In the life of any startup, there are some special milestones. Getting funding is good. Launching is good. But nothing beats getting the traction you were hoping for in the market.

Today, just shy of our one-month mark, and well ahead of schedule, we welcomed our 1,000 customer.

What does this mean for us? Well, first of all (to paraphrase Sally Field) it means you like being able to kiss manual entry goodbye. You like having a full accounting and expense tracking tool at your fingertips wherever you go. And we suspect you like free, too. Fundamentally, it means we’re on the right track, and that the tools we’ve created with you in mind have resonated the way we had hoped.

We also take this traction as a mandate to keep on building tools that will continue to simplify the back-office tasks of small business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs. And boy, do we have a doozy of a list sketched out already. Expect a big roll out from us before Christmas, and then a bunch of ambitious improvements early in the new year.

Thanks to the first 1,000 Wave customers. We’ve cleared a wall for your photos — send ’em on over! And we welcome the next 1,000, and the 10,000 after, and more to follow.

Kirk Simpson
By Kirk Simpson
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