Meet Wai: Code cruncher, martial arts enthusiast, licensed P. Eng., foodie, all-around geek, and new mom. Software Engineer and Agile Project Planner.

1. What brought me to Wave? I came back from my honeymoon to find a message from a recruiter on my office voicemail. Having only worked in a traditional corporate "old boys club," I was immediately drawn to the start-up culture and wanted to work at Wave. I can honestly say that at that point I had never wanted anything so much in my life! When I was younger, I remember wishing that I got paid to do homework because I enjoyed it (yes, I was a total geek). Working at Wave doesn't seem like work, it's fun and challenging, but never boring.

2. What's the best part of my job? We get to create something that makes the lives of small business owners easier. Running a small business is hard work and we dedicate ourselves to simplifying the back office for them so they can focus on their customers, growing their businesses, and spending time with their families. Being a part of a great team also makes a huge difference. The people at Wave are incredibly talented, driven, engaged, and friendly.

3. What have I learned since joining Wave? I've learned so much! I only had basic scripting experience with Python and knew a little JS, HTML and CSS when I started. I didn't know Django, CoffeeScript, BackboneJS, AngularJS, or ReactJS. And I had no idea what agile planning was either!

4. What would I tell someone interested in joining the team? Sometimes we work late into the night and on weekends. But we take the time to celebrate and have fun too, with ski trips, trivia nights, movie screenings, and amazing parties. We definitely work hard and play hard!


Composed of some of the smartest minds in North America —more than 100 and counting — the Wave team is innovative, diverse, driven, and incredibly talented. They're also some of the nicest, most interesting, creative, and inspiring people around.

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