Meet Brian: Integrating businesses into Wave to make user experience better. Public speaker. Wood worker. Improv actor. Open-source contributor. Software Developer.

1. What brought me to Wave? I wanted to work somewhere that gave me a real challenge, the opportunity to learn from brilliant people, in a real environment with no phony baloney. Every day since I've joined Wave, I've grown in my career, made great friends, and learned new things about myself.

2. What's the best part of my job? Things change fast and we solve problems in interesting ways focused on scaling multiple parts of the system. I also have lots of opportunities to do fun things like host improv comedy workshops or software development focused workshops. Wave is growing, and I'm able to grow with it.

3. What have I learned since joining Wave? In software there's a saying: "Don't repeat the same year twice." I've been here less than a year and feel like I've gained 2 years of experience. Everything from nitty-gritty esoteric corner cases deep in the code, to high-level architecture, and even a fair bit of soft-skills too.

4. What would I tell someone interested in joining the team? Our leaders care a lot about us enjoying our work, and we produce quality software.


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