Meet Ross: Account Executive. Sports Enthusiast. World Traveler. Drinks soda water to fit in.

1. What brought you to Wave? How do you combine sales, finance, and the experience of a tech start-up? Answer: Wave. I knew I was looking for a smaller company with high growth potential that I could actually contribute to in a meaningful way. Of course, knowing someone that worked here and loved it makes it that much easier. I had a great experience right up through my interviews and Wave became the clear choice above all else.

2. What's the best part of your job? Aside from the snack cupboard and the beer fridge, it is the people. Really, the best part about the job is everyone working towards a common goal. Teammates take valuable time out of their day to help you work towards the betterment of Wave. There is no clocking in and out, there are no self-interests, there is just a bunch of smart people striving to contribute in their own way.

3. What is something you've learned since joining Wave? I have learned how closely different “departments” can work. Each day I meet with, collaborate with, eat with, and chat with co-workers from every nook and cranny of Wave. I am thoroughly impressed by how we can add such meaningful value to one another's projects. It helps having couches and kitchens instead of walls and cubicles, too.

4. What would you tell someone interested in joining the team? There is a reason the CEO always walks around with a smile on his face - it is a fun place to work. It is hard to believe that a company cares about you, but that is really what it is like to work here. Wave is a great place to be.


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