Meet Dan: Director, Ops Engineering. Conductor of the DevOps movement. Persistent CBC listener and urban cyclist. Windows enthusiast. Writer of artisanal release emails.

1. What brought you to Wave? I joined Wave fresh out of a career in professional politics, applying as a kid with heart, drive, and little concrete experience. I was looking for a place that would consider the whole of me — what I’d done, what I was interested in, and what I could put my mind to. I was searching for a place that would accept my enthusiasm and hustle, and pay me back with mentorship, learning experiences, and room to grow. Looking back over the past few years, Wave repaid what I gave it a hundredfold.

2. What’s the best part of your job? Helping out real people in a stressful time in their lives. Our customers are small business owners who started their companies with a dream to be their own boss and a desire to excel — and not with a secret wish to spend days on their accounting. I love that we're building software to let people do what they want to do, and that they trust us with keeping their finances safe, accurate, and in order.

3. What is something you’ve learned since joining Wave? How to build, design, plan, deploy, and operate large-scale systems. When I started here, I had one or two small web-apps under my belt and had deployed one thing to Google App Engine. Five years later I’ve been involved in the design of significant parts of our applications, stick-handled the release of a credit-card processing platform exclusively focused on small businesses, and now lead a team responsible for making sure we’re always available to our customers.

4. What would you tell someone interested in joining the team? We care. We care about our customers, but equally we care about our colleagues and our co-workers. Work is a place we all spend 40+ hours a week at, and it should be a positive experience; knowing that you’re spending those hours with people who care about your personal growth and well-being (and not just your productivity) is what makes it that.


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