Meet James: IT Administrator. Making sure that technology runs smoothly at Wave to ensure everyone is as efficient as they can be. Master of turning things off and on again.

1. What brought me to Wave? I was looking for a new career outside of the Life Sciences field. I always had an interest in technology and startups, but had never seriously considered pursuing a career in a software company. I was actively searching for a company that was dynamic, solved challenging problems, and had friendly people. After some research, Wave stood out to me as a great place to work, so I applied! I started in a Customer Support Hero role which allowed me to gain a deep understanding of our customers. Now I'm in an IT Administrator role, where my customers are all in-house.

2. What's the best part of my job? The best part of my job is the continuous learning. There are always interesting and challenging problems that come up at work and I have the ability to find creative solutions to fix them. The other great thing is that I get to work with amazing people. I love how collaborative everyone is at the office.

3. What have I learned since joining Wave? I have learned how resilient Wave is as a company. In every team there are periods of ups and downs and I've been able to see both throughout my 5 years with Wave. When things are not going well this actually brings people and teams closer together. We have demonstrated time and time again how to come together to overcome problems and we trust each other to get things done.

4. What would I tell someone interested in joining the team? In general, we are always looking for smart and talented people to work with us. I would also let them know that Wave cares about the individuals who work here. We continuously look into ways to improve our culture and to create a positive work environment. After my 5 years with Wave, I would recommend checking it out to see if it's the right fit for you.


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