Meet Steve. Data Engineer. Blindly passionate supporter of Toronto FC. Very willing to travel many miles for a new tattoo.

1. What brought me to Wave? After a number of years of working with big companies I was seeking something more "genuine" — a workplace that allowed me to perform at my best and use my existing skills while developing new ones. It was of utmost importance that I stepped into a team that was accepting, like-minded, progressive, but most importantly, kind. I needed a place where recognition was given for the small stuff (the behind-the-scenes work), not just the work that demonstrated how much gravitas a person has or whether they could nail presenting a 200-page Powerpoint deck in front of Senior Management. I needed a place where politics and nonsense were left at the door, and where people were open with me about opportunities and awesomeness. Wave was a natural fit.

2. What's the best part of my Job? I work with a dynamite team, and everyone is on board with the idea that we need to "make it right." Also, when I come in to work, I'm building something great. What's more, I know that my work isn't crazy-sexy, but I also know it's appreciated, and that the people that run the shop get why.

3. What have I learned since joining Wave? This is something Wave hit home with me, and is in complete antithesis to "corporate" culture: It's okay to be vulnerable. It's okay to ask for help. If you're with the right group of people, vulnerability will be seen as a strength. You should never spend a minute being miserable at your job. If you're not with people who want to help you feel great and succeed, especially when something is wrong, you're not in the right place.

4. What would I tell someone interested in joining the team? Be humble, be prepared, be professional, and be kind. Also, know how to work a really well crafted email that uses plenty of animated GIFs.


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