3 million customers, and 3 million thank-yous!

In November 2010, a team of a half-dozen people, in a small, shabby office, pushed a button and launched a website.

Our dream: Reinvent the way entrepreneurs and small business owners manage their finances, with a brand new product called Wave.

Invoicing and accounting were the seeds. From those beginnings we added payroll, receipt scanning, mobile apps, credit card processing, lending, automatic billing, electronic money movement and more.

Today, we're thrilled to share a huge milestone with you: Our 3 millionth customer. That's 3 million entrepreneurs who have joined Wave to reinvent their business finances with us.

(We're not even counting the nearly 10 million people on the receiving end of invoices they got from Wave customers, or employees who have received payroll from a Wave business.)

The Wave team, once just a handful of dreamers, is now 170 strong, and committed more firmly than ever to changing how entrepreneurs make money, manage money and move money.

We're proud of the company we've built, of the awards and accolades (see some of them here), and of the people who have joined the crew at Wave with passion and devotion to the dream.

Most of all, we're honored that 3 million of you have trusted your businesses to Wave. On behalf of everyone at Wave HQ, thank you 3 million times and more. Your success is our mission.

The Wave team, at your serviceThe Wave team

Wave's co-founders, Kirk Simpson and James LochrieWave's co-founders, Kirk Simpson and James Lochrie

At the HQ: We keep it casual while working hard for our customers Wave's casual office

At the HQ: Lots of collaboration #teamworkmakesthedreamwork Lots of collaboration

The new yoga and meditation studio at Wave HQ Wave's yoga studio

Work hard, play hard: Welcome to the Wave arcade Wave's arcade

Office pups! This is Morty Morty, office dog