5 reasons creativity sells

This post by guest blogger Jody-Ann appears as part of our series Small Business 500.

When we think of creativity, we often think of creating something brand new. However, creativity doesn’t need to be an entirely novel concept or invention. It can also be harnessed effectively with a new perspective on an existing idea or a different presentation of a product you’re already selling.

1. Be an outlier

Everyone remembers the “wacky” kid from high school, so take note and don’t blend in with the crowd. A business model separating you from competitors is significant, particularly nowadays when products and ideas are widely available through technology. You can ensure your business longevity by creating a niche.

2. Make waves

Most people follow a daily routine, so making a splash that throws them off to capture their attention.

We all remember the commercial where a man uses a body spray and instantly has a bevvy of women clinging to him. By employing a creative advertising campaign, Axe Body Spray forced customers to stop, watch and absorb.

3. Sell an experience

Shopping isn’t always about the product. Hermès is the perfect example of selling customers a luxury buying experience. In the past, to purchase a Hermès Birkin you had to be on their coveted waiting list. This created intrigue and exclusivity, a niche that the brand has ingeniously constructed.

4. Creativity loves fame

Creativity can generate buzz, and put your business in the spotlight. This gets people talking about your company and increases your brands’ recognition and ultimately sales. So take advantage of the opportunities to explore new ideas that increase awareness of your business.

5. When all else fails, emotion wins

Whether making a purchase to feel luxurious or to bring back memories of loved ones, one key element to buying is that emotions have a greater impact than we like to admit. Creativity plays on one’s emotions, and encourages you to connect a particular product, service or experience to a feeling. Most successful businesses utilize creative techniques to capture not only their customers’ attention but also their heart.

Successful entrepreneurs identify their target market, pinpoint their behavioural patterns and find creative ways to align their product/service with these patterns.

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Jody-Ann is the owner of A Girl’s Next Best Friend, an online purse boutique that specializes in providing customers with fashionable purses at an affordable price. The first of its kind in Canada, A Girl’s Next Best Friend can be described as an online purse experience. Jody-Ann also founded the store’s Purses Against Poverty program, which helps to support selected micro-charities through the sale of vintage items.

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