Accept all major credit cards easily with Payments by Wave.

When you make it easy for your customers to pay, you get paid faster. Pretty simple, right?

That’s why Wave built Payments by Wave. Available in Canada and the U.S., Payments by Wave lets your customers pay you quickly and easily, right in the invoices you send or over the phone. Since all major credit and debit cards are accepted, there are no roadblocks preventing your customers from paying you faster.

Get paid 12 days faster.

Wave customers who aren’t hooked up with Payments by Wave are paid an average of 20 days after sending an invoice. Customers who have connected Payments by Wave are paid after an average of 8 days. That’s 12 days faster! Plus you save the time and hassle of having to collect or deposit checks or have cash on hand to give change.

Fast, easy payments. 

With our seamless invoicing feature, each payment is processed, filed and updated automatically so your invoicing records are always kept up to date. Your customers have the option of paying directly online or over the phone. Whether you want to enter their information by hand or have Wave process it automatically, we make it easy for you to process their credit card payments, and easy for them to pay you. Check out our infographic to see how much easier it is to get paid with Payments by Wave.

We’ve got nothing to hide.

There’s no long-term commitment or sneaky cancellation fees for Payments by Wave, keeping you in control. After just a few minutes you can accept all major credit cards instantly, making the payment process that much easier.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Payments by Wave today!

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By Sara Rosenfeld

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