Calling all pottery creators, jewlery makers, and vintage clothing purveyors: Etsy integrations are here!

Whether you sell repurposed wine corks, hand molded sugar cubes, or beeswax candlesticks, you can now integrate your Etsy shop with Wave! 

Whatever your passion, make more time for it. Just hook up your Wave account with your Etsy shop, and watch as all of your sales are automatically imported into Wave! 

Etsy Shop Integration

If you use Paypal for your Etsy account, we take of that too! Wave will track your Etsy sales through Paypal. Wave will also keep track of your Paypal fees, so you know exactly how much you are spending and making in your Etsy shop.

Want to know more about the ingtegration between Wave and Etsy? Check out our FAQ: How to Connect Etsy to Wave

As always, if you have any questions our Customer Support Heroes are here to help!

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