Yesterday we shared big news: Wave raised a $10 million Series C investment round. You might be wondering what does this mean to you as our customer, and as Wave's most important stakeholder?

It means that we will continue to do what we're doing today: building software that is singularly focused on small business and providing you what you need to make you successful.

You — the solo entrepreneur, the contractor, the freelancer, the business owner running a small team — you are the powerhouse of our economy. It's small businesses like yours that fuel innovative growth and where disruptive ideas are born. That's why our team at Wave is here for you.

$10 million in the bank doesn't mean that we're going to start running in a different direction. We're often asked, "When will you focus on enterprise accounting software?" The answer is, never.

Our proudest accomplishment is that we've helped more than a million small business owners like you do your thing, on your terms. Keep up the good work, and we'll keep working hard to get your small business where it needs to go.

Thanks for your support of Wave,