We're in the business of making your business easier. And whether we do that with an easy accounting application, or by finding other resources that can help you with marketing, or strategy, or anything at all, my role here at Wave includes delivering that stuff to you.

We identified early on a special group of customers: moms who work from home, running a business while wrangling the kids. It's a busy, passionate community with some very specific business needs and considerations.

But there was one problem: What do we call you?

"Mompreneur" is fun and apt, but the name rubs some people wrong. "Work-at-home-mom" (WAHM) is more neutral, but it's a heck of a mouthful.

So we decided to use both, interchangeably. I hope that's OK with you.

However you define the business side of yourself, we hope the resources we've gathered up for WAHMs/Mompreneurs help you with your business, while also helping make more time for the rest of your life.

The WAHM/Mompreneur content team and I look forward to hearing you!

--Rob, Lisa, Kathleen, Jeff, Kruti and Sara