As Small Business Week comes to a close, it’s time to celebrate what every small business, independent contractor, freelancer or solo entrepreneur has accomplished so far. High fives, all around!

It’s pretty extraordinary how smart, creative and driven people can build a viable economy in the worst of economic times. A recent National Post article had some great stats:

“[I]n April 2008, right in the heart of the recession, economists figured Canada’s jobless total would jump about 50,000 from the previous month. But a surprising thing happened on the way to the dole: There was actually a gain of 35,900 jobs. That kept the national unemployment rate at about 8%. But who was hiring?... Turns out, the net increase was almost entirely due to a rise in self-employment.”

Running your own show isn’t easy. But a lot of people –including those who never want to be someone’s employee ever again -- find it worth the effort.

Keep up the good work, boss.