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#GoAutomatic: How automating your billing will help your business thrive

Subscription business models aren’t just for razors and beauty boxes. Could your business benefit from building a recurring revenue stream? Subscription billing (also called recurring payments, automatic payments or automated billing) means you have an agreement to automatically charge your repeat customers’ payments to a saved credit (or debit)

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#GoAutomatic: Wave just launched next level customer billing

"Will Wave introduce an option for customers to set up auto-pay on the invoices? I spent a tremendous amount of time chasing up past-due invoices and it would be great if...[I could] reduce time spent on overdue payments.” —A.F. Get ready for faster, easier, and more flexible customer

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Announcing our exciting partnership with myBestHelper!

We have used Wave payroll for several years both to pay our employees in our small business and also to pay our our full time nannies. It has made payroll, CRA remittances, issuing T4s and ROEs much easier. We will certainly recommend Wave to other friends paying nannies or for

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