This article originally appeared in Lori Osterberg's blog, Reprinted here with permission, as part of Photographer's Month.

I recently read a study on the use of smart technology, including smart phones and tablets. While iPhones currently make up about 9 percent of the total cell phone usage, Androids make up around 13 percent. And while many apps are made for a variety of different technology, I thought I would provide a list of 8 popular apps specifically for Androids.

CamCalc and CamCalc Free

Go Visual, Inc. offers two programs – CamCalc and CamCalc Free ($1.99 for the pay version). This app is designed to help photographers with exposure, and is a handy camera calculator while out in the field. It helps with depth of field, focal length equivalents, flash calculations, color temp conversion, and more.


PHOforPHO is a free set of phone tools for serious photographers. It includes an exposure calculator, hyperfocal calculator, timer, DoF calculator, and exposure compensation calculation for multiple exposures.

Camera Magic

Camera Magic gives your Android camera more punch. It offers digital zoom with proper upscaling, a timer, filters, white balance, and volume to zoom camera.

Color FX

Color FX allows you to create dramatic images by highlighting color wherever you choose. The app will turn the entire image gray – then you paint/splash color where you choose.

Collage Creator Lite

Want to create a collage from more than one photograph? Use Collage Creator Lite. Place photos together in a collage format, shuffle them until you have it right, then save it as wallpaper or share it with friends.

Little Photo

Little Photo gives you the ability to add film and retouch effects to your photographs.

Photoshop Express for Android

Photoshop Express for Android gives you the favorites of Photoshop in a mobile application. Fix photos by cropping, straighten, rotate, flip and adjust the colors. Add borders, enhance with filters and effects. Then share your photos through email, or on places like Facebook and Twitpic.

Camera360 Ultimate

Camera360 Ultimate is the perfect solution for turning your Android into a professional camera. It provides LOMO, HDR, axis shirt, draft, ghost, and more.


—Lori Osterberg

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