We released another set of fixes today. By our count, it's 104 little issues. You probably won't notice 101 of them, but they make the system work better and faster.

The three places where some customers may notice changes:

  1. Connecting with your bank or credit cards. We've made the process easier for customers dealing with suspended bank accounts, updating bank credentials, working with session timeouts (when the communication between Wave and your bank closes because it's taking too long), deleting and re-adding accounts, and downloading data.
  2. Matching transactions (such as a transfer from your Checking to your Savings account). We improved the transaction matching when a customer operates more than one business in Wave. We also made the matching better for Quick Entries, and made it simpler to undo a match.
  3. Income/Expense pages. We improved the way we handle transactions that are related to deleted accounts, enhanced display of quick entry, and provided better pagination of the income transactions. We also tweaked the way invoice statuses are handled when a payment is edited.

Thanks, as always, for your ongoing feedback. If you have any suggestions on features you'd like to see, or need any help with Wave, please contact our support team. We'd love to hear from you.