Not too long ago, some of the Wave staffers ventured to local cupcake shop Desmond & Beatrice for a mid-day cupcake break. It's an amazing neighbourhood cupcake shop, and I've got a bit of a secret for you: The magic is in the frosting. 

Imagine my glee when I discovered the newest product they were offering: a shot of frosting. Chocolate, vanilla, cream cheese, or swirl! Any shot of frosting, only one dollar!

So I asked myself, what could be better than a shot of frosting? Well...

Realizing how easy Wave makes your accounting? As good as a shot of frosting.

Using the Wave Guest Collaborator function to save yourself the trip to your accountant? Almost as good as a shot of frosting!

Getting a huge income tax return because Wave kept you organized so you didn't miss any deductibles? Better than a shot of frosting!

I was too excited, and wanted to find a way to share this great idea with everyone!

This is where you come in:

I've placed a simple wager with Rob Maurin, VP of Community, Content and Communications: if I can get the phrase "a shot of frosting" to become a part of our community's everyday language as a measurement of just how awesome something is, then Annual Wave Cupcake Day will be implemented at Wave. 

That means cupcakes for the whole office, once a year! Now THAT's better than a shot of frosting!

So now, I'd love to hear what you think: How does your accounting stack up to a shot of frosting? Your books? Setting up with Wave?

Let me know on Twitter, Facebook, or even in your emails to support! My reputation and Annual Wave Cupcake Day depends on it!


Your Community Manager

PS. Need a little inspiration? Check out some Wave staffers (including CEO Kirk Simpson) contemplating this question over their very own shot of frosting!