The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and spring has finally arrived! That means one thing - spring-cleaning time! While you tidy your closets and dust off those cabinets, why not clean up your business apps as well?

Clean out past invoices

Do you have invoices that are mislabeled? Whether it’s test invoices you created and meant to delete, or old invoices that you forgot to mark as paid, now’s the time to go through your invoice list and make sure everything is in tip-top order!

Go to invoices!

Clear out old businesses

Whether you’re starting a brand new venture this summer, or have an old test account hanging around, now’s the time to archive those old businesses. And of course, you’re always able to restore the business in the future. (Just click Account>Your Profile>Businesses, then select the pen icon to edit, then archive).

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Make your summer sing when you connect to payments

No one wants to be running around cashing checks when the sun is shining. Let your customers pay by credit card directly through your invoices, so you can focus on more important things - like the bright and sunny weather!

Accept credit cards!