This week, we begin a series of customer profiles. Our goal: To showcase some of the fine folks using Wave, and see how they are using our free online accounting tools for small businesses. If you’d like to have your company profiled in Wave, please contact us at

Wave customer of the week: Capital Freight Management, LLC

Capital Freight Management LLC Ever Gonzalez knows about small businesses, and he knows about saving money. A three-time business owner, Gonzalez is now the president of Capital Freight Management, a shipping solutions company that focuses on helping small to medium size businesses save money on their freight.

This southern Utah–based company co-ordinates transportation across America and into Canada. Gonzalez has big plans for the future, and they might just include you. His goal is to find a way to save you 25% in your annual freight spend, and to become a trusted, valuable asset to each of his clients.

Elevator Pitch: "With our online Freight Management Software our clients are given instant visibility and are able to manage their freight from cradle to grave. We provide online invoicing, damage claim assistance, product inventory, dedicated customer service, freight bill auditing, and supply chain management. Our clients are also able to run daily, weekly, and/or monthly reports giving them snapshots of all of their transportation activities."

Before & After

Before using Wave I would rather pull out all of my teeth with a pair of old rusty pliers than do my accounting.

“Before using Wave Accounting, we were using expensive accounting software that we did not fully use or understand,” says Gonzalez. “We only used a small portion of the software and at times we seemed be spending more time updating it than actually tracking or using the numbers to help us plan our next strategic moves.”

Gonzalez signed up for Wave shortly after our November 2010 launch, and quickly got up and running with tools like bank statement uploading, invoicing, expense tracking.

“Now that we're using Wave, not only is the process easier and faster but we're actually seeing an accurate snap shot of all of our numbers allowing us to see where we stand at any giving moment. It's easier for our team to create, record, and keep track of all of our invoices.”

My team has reduced [the time spent on accounting tasks] by about 30%,” he says, “Wave has already saved our company money and we look forward to saving more in 2011.”

Company info

Capital Freight Manangement, LLC “Leveraging our Human and Logistics Capital” 63 East 200 South #1, St George, UT 84770 (562) 879-5290 Fax: (562) 391-1878