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Five tips to create a personal brand from scratch

Having recently won an award for her own personal brand, guest blogger Chrissy Newton shares her advice on building a personal brand that works. This post appears in our series Small Business 500.

Five things about usability that every business owner should know

In the online world, usability is the craft of making a website work the way you want or expect it to. Today, guest blogger Danielle Cooley shares her advice on incorporating usability into your website, or other parts of your business. This post appears in our series Small Business 500.

Five things I wish I had known early in my business

Guest blogger Nyla Free shares lessons she learned when starting her business. This post appears as part of our resources for work-at-home moms, as well as in our series Small Business 500.

Nine ways to increase your productivity while working from home

Whether telecommuting or freelancing, more and more professionals are trading in the cubicle for the home office. We hear all about the perks of the work from home lifestyle — no long commutes, more time with family, conference calls in pajamas, etc. But what about the challenges? It’s not always easy to stay productive in the face of countless distractions.

Five mistakes female business owners make

Female business owners have a lot going for them. For one, women are starting new businesses one-and-half times faster than men. They are also leaders in using their businesses to give back to the community. Still, there are many unique challenges to running a business and some key pitfalls female business owners, especially, should avoid.

You’re a mom. You’re an entrepreneur. Are you a mompreneur?

Guest contributor Alexandria Durrell takes a look at the popular term “mompreneur” from different perspectives. Is it trite and dismissive, or empowering and wonderful?

Five things I’ve learned from being an “ambassador of buzz”

Guest blogger Jonathan Kay is the tireless community builder for Grasshopper, a provider of virtual phone systems. He gets attention for the brand by nurturing important relationships — often one person at a time. We asked him to share with us some of the lessons he’s learned so far.

What should you charge a client who wants to “go viral” with your images?

Jim Pickerelle tackles a difficult question posted in LinkedIn’s ASMP group about copyright, and how to approach tough requests from clients. This article was originally written by Jim Pickerell for Black Star Rising and reprinted here with permission, as part of Photographer’s Month.

What’s a virtual assistant?

Somewhere between “solo entrepreneur” and “managing an office full of staff,” your business will hit a point where you can no longer handle all the work yourself.

Enter the virtual assistant, or VA.