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mom running a business while taking care of kids

10 examples of women killing it as moms/entrepreneurs

Running a business is never a 9-5 gig—and neither is being a parent. This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating some amazing “mompreneurs” who are killing it in business, and at home.

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DON’T EAT THAT: six times being a mompreneur went horribly wrong

Mompreneurs. The women who somehow manage to find time to run a business while concurrently raising tiny humans. In honour of Mother’s Day, we got six entrepreneurial mothers to tell us about times when trying to run a business while mom’ing went horribly wrong (in the cutest ways imaginable).

Real talk: the truth about starting your own business

These days, everything we need to know is a click away. But business journals and statistics can’t always give you the real, honest advice you want (or need) to hear. These six entrepreneurs told us everything they wish someone had told them when they started their businesses.

Graphic of business people standing together talking.

Imposter syndrome: how to recognize and overcome it

Many people find it hard to truly own their accomplishments, and feel like they’re one mistake away from everyone realizing they’re a fraud. Learn how to recognize imposter syndrome, and how to truly own your success.

Seven things Stephen Hawking’s life can teach you about running your own business

When Stephen Hawking passed away this past March, the world mourned the loss of one of its greatest minds. Hawking may have been focused on the cosmos, but he also taught us a lot of life lessons that small business owners can relate to.

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How to stay healthy while running a business

When you’re a busy entrepreneur, getting sick means lost productivity and income. We’ve got five tips to help you stay healthy and prevent illness, stress and burnout while you’re rocking the business world.

10 songs all freelancers can relate to

Sometimes music can be therapeutic, especially when the lyrics describe a situation you’ve been in yourself. We put together the ultimate playlist with songs every freelancer will find familiar.

Swiss army knife with all tools open

Six tools entrepreneurs shouldn’t live without

Being an entrepreneur means freedom, but it also means you don’t have colleagues or managers to share tips and tools to boost your productivity. We’ve got six great tools every entrepreneur needs in their success toolkit.

The Solo Entrepreneur’s Notebook: Keeping the Passion High in Good Times and Bad

The solo entrepreneur’s notebook: Keeping the passion high in good times and bad

Being an entrepreneur comes with it’s challenges. But the rewards far outweigh the blood, sweat, and tears. Here are some tips to revive your passion.