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photo of coffee beans and cup with the company name Las Fincas

Las Fincas: A story of passion and incomparable coffee from crop to cup

Building a business is a bit like brewing the perfect cup of coffee. When you pick the cherry, roast the beans, and brew it to your exact taste, it’s pure perfection. Follow Las Fincas owner Armando Gonzalez through his journey to becoming a successful coffee entrepreneur, starting with a passion dating back generations.

Titles of the four companies featured in the blog post, Patagonia, Power to Fly, The Ocean Cleanup, and Teach for America

Doing well by doing good: four stories of social entrepreneurs

Today’s consumers connect best with brands that have integrity. But that doesn’t mean a company can’t also be wildly successful. Here are four stories of businesses doing well by doing good.

photo of coffee table books at the Public General Store in Winnipeg

How classic rock and community are growing Public General Store’s brand

Olena and Erin had no idea that when they started their business, General Store, it would turn into a staple in their Winnipeg community. Building their brand didn’t come easy, but two years later, these entrepreneurs wake up everyday excited to go to work.

Riley Millican of City Scouts with 2 campers

Passion over practice: How 20-year-old Riley Millican excels as an entrepreneur

Riley Millican’s story as an entrepreneur might not be typical, but his attitude and passion have driven him to succeed. Read his journey of founding the urban adventure camp, City Scouts, and navigating challenges along the way.

Cute baby contemplating big business decisions

Is this baby the next Richard Branson? (April Fool’s Day)

The business world is being turned upside down by the next big thing: disrupting the diaper industry. The youngest CEO in the world, Shamil, takes us through the baby steps that brought his revolutionary idea to life.

Desirae Odjick smiling and holding a mug

How Half Banked’s Desirae Odjick juggles a full-time job and a successful side hustle

Personal finance writer and marketer Desirae Odjick shares her tips on growing your side hustle without burning out.

Dress shoe and casual shoe side-by-side

From bored to boss: Four entrepreneurs share how they took the leap

Change: a word that can either excite you or terrify you depending on its context. When it comes to career changes, it’s probably a mixture of both. We recently spoke with four people about their experiences, and how making the switch transformed their lives.

Everything is (not) fine

The day the government took all my money

It’s every business owner’s worst nightmare: You didn’t educate yourself about filing your taxes and now you’re in trouble. Read one woman’s story of starting her first business and learning a very big lesson when she landed in hot water with the government.

Cat looking scared of something in the distance

How I learned a $6,000 lesson about freelance taxes

Filing your taxes improperly can be a costly mistake. Read how one freelancer miscalculated the amount she owed and what the effect was on her business. Plus, get valuable advice on how you can plan ahead and avoid the same problems.