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image1 Wave's high-growth philosophy

Wave’s high growth philosophy

How do you build a world-leading tech company? You take an awesome team and make it even better. Every day.

Cloudflare bug: Wave data not exposed

You may have read some news online: A major internet infrastructure provider called Cloudflare reported a bug, which exposed private data of some websites that use its services.

Toronto's Startup Open House

Wave at #SOHTO2016: Toronto’s Startup Open House

Don’t forget to register! Then visit us at 555 Richmond, Ste. 411, on Thursday.
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Wave now works with Zapier. Here’s how.

Great news! You can now use Zapier (rhymes with “happier”) to connect Wave with potentially hundreds of different applications, and automate your workflows. (See the guest blog post from Zapier’s Alison Groves.)

Payroll by Wave: Say goodbye to manual payroll in 2016

Running payroll the old-school, paperwork way adds up to more than a week of work every year. You have better things to do with your time!

Supporting women in startups and tech

Encouraging women to join startups and to build careers in technology, engineering and sciences is not a new challenge.

How big is a “small” business? Here’s why it matters.

We’d like to propose the following resolution: Let’s stop pretending that a business with $35 million in revenue could be considered a “small business.” Or that a facility employing 1,500 people could be considered “small.”