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Learn how to use Wave to simplify the day-to-day life of your business with tips, reviews, and demos.

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How Steve Dotto uses Wave to increase productivity

More often than not, accounting is one of the biggest pain points for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Learn how tech expert Steve Dotto uses Wave’s invoicing tool for his business in this informative video.

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How Wave’s risk team helps your business

Scams are a part of digital life for small businesses. Learn how Wave’s highly-skilled risk team can help you identify and prevent payment scams that can threaten your financial health.

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Five tips to get your books under control fast

Our latest update to Wave’s accounting features makes it even easier to build proper bookkeeping into your routine. Lower your stress, build your confidence, and set yourself up for tax time with these five tips.

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Make a profit every year with the Profit First Formula

We recommend Mike Michalowicz’s book Profit First for a formula that delivers sustainable small business growth. Find out what it is and how to implement it in your own business with these tips from Wave’s in-house accountant, Abbas Ali.

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Empower yourself with our Fearless Accounting Guide

Accounting doesn’t have to be scary. What if it could actually give you power over your business growth? Our Fearless Accounting guide has 100+ pages of easy-to-follow tips and lessons to help you run your business with confidence.

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Stop chasing after overdue invoices

Chasing after late payments from clients is a hassle that small business owners and freelancers know all too well. It’s a drain on both your time and cash flow. Wave has three tips to get paid on time and prevent overdue invoices completely.

How recurring billing helps businesses thrive

Learn how different business owners and creative freelancers can create a recurring revenue stream, save time on admin work and get paid on time.

Canadian holiday pay made easy

Canadian holiday pay made easy

Calculate holiday pay easily and accurately with Payroll by Wave. Automate your calculations for worked and unworked holiday pay.

Zapier and Wave

Say you create a new invoice in Wave for a brand new customer. Now you need to get that customer into your CRM; add them to your email marketing list; send an email to that customer to thank them; maybe even create a follow-up task in your to-do app.

Import customer lists via CSV

Great news! Now you can import customer contact information into Wave by uploading a simple CSV file.

Year-end W2 filings have never been easier

Feeling like there are not enough hours in the day this time of year? We know how busy year end is for small business owners. We’re excited to announce a number of improvements to the year-end filing process.

Year-end T4 filings have never been simpler

Feeling like there are not enough hours in the day this time of year? We know how busy year-end is for small business owners. We’re excited to announce a number of improvements to the year-end filing process.

Payroll design series: Part two of our makeover

We talked to hundreds of small business owners to get feedback on what to improve.  Something we heard over and over again was that small business owners need an easier way to see key payroll information, quickly and simply. In the second part of our payroll design series, we show you how we’ve made it faster and easier to see key payroll information.

What exactly is accounting?

If you look at online reviews lately, the term “accounting software” gets applied to anything capable of adding two numbers together. So expense trackers, invoicing applications and other lightweight software in the cloud get lumped in with real, double entry accounting applications like Wave. It drives me nuts.

How safe is online accounting software?

For people switching to Wave from desktop accounting software like Quickbooks, being able to access your accounting anywhere, any time, is a pretty cool bonus.