Year end

Read our simple, easy-to-understand tips to help you conquer year end.

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Tax deductions: Vehicle expenses

Being a small business owner has a lot of advantages, but a company car or a large car allowance probably isn’t one of them. If you’re using a car for business purposes, you’ll be able to claim at least a portion of it on your taxes.

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How much tax will you pay on your pass-through income?

The rules applying to pass-through income are getting a radical overhaul with the new US tax bill. It affects all entrepreneurs from sole proprietors to S corporations—make sure you’re familiar with how these changes affect you.

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New rules for writing off equipment, vehicles, and more

Need help understanding how the new US tax bill is going to affect your business’s bottom line? Tax expert Barbara Weltman provides a detailed breakdown of vehicle expenses, bonus depreciation, and other cost recovery changes.

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Year end resolution: stop neglecting your cash flow

Running out of cash is the second most common reason small businesses fail. Learn how to understand cash flow and manage it right with tips from a CPA.

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Tax Quiz: “Can I claim this?”

Take our quiz and put your knowledge to the test! Find out what you can (and can’t) claim on your taxes when it comes to these 10 small business deductions.

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Top 10 small business deductions and tax expenses

Everyone has the same goal for tax season: pay as little as possible without breaking the rules. Make sure you take advantage of these common deductions and expenses when you file your small business taxes.

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Claiming home office deductions

Are you self-employed and use your home as an office? See how you can reduce your taxable income with several deductible expenses that apply to working-at-home entrepreneurs. We’ve also got tips on how to keep track of your necessary documents for tax time.

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Start organizing your next year’s filing now (we’ll show you how)

Got all your financial records and bookkeeping ready to file for 2017 tax season? Now’s the perfect time to get a jumpstart on 2018, too. Follow these tips to organize your books better so next year’s taxes will be a breeze.

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You’re scared of the wrong things when it comes to taxes

Tax time can be scary, but are you scared of the right things? Toronto CPA and writer, Samantha Richardson, tells us what you really need to focus on to create a stress-free tax filing experience.