I’d like to officially wish everyone a happy Global Entrepreneurship Week. If you haven't heard of it before, Global Entrepreneurship Week is an incredible movement happening in almost 100 countries around the world from November 14-20, designed to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit!

What are the goals of Global Entrepreneurship Week? Increase mentoring, provide learning opportunities, promote awareness and funding for entrepreneurs all around the world, and have some fun while doing it!

No short order, right? But with more than 30,000 events occurring internationally throughout the week, Global Entrepreneurship Week is making its mark. This week's events include things like:

  • Global Cleantech Open Ideas Competition, in 22 countries
  • Speednetwork the Globe, in 50 countries
  • Startup Weekend, in 15 cities around the world
  • Global Student Entrepreneur Awards, in 8 countries
  • Creativity World Forum, in 12 countries

To celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit, Wave decided this was the perfect time to roll out our new blog series: the Small Business 500. Over the course of the next 12 months, we’ll be launching 100 guest blog posts, each with 5 tips, insights, or lessons from expert contributors. And we’re releasing the first batch this week! Today's posts are:

There'll be more each day during Global Entrepreneurship Week, and others over the course of the coming year. The Small Business 500 will cover a range of topics, from leaders on subjects that matter to small business owners. Future topics include user experience, motivation techniques, and building your business community, to name just a few. Our plan is to create the ultimate small business resource, all in easy-to-digest bites of information.

So be sure to check back regularly, throughout Global Entrepreneurship week, and throughout the year for helpful advice and insights to help you run your small business!

Have insights you want to share as a guest expert, in our next round of Small Business 500 posts? I’d love to hear from you! Or I'd love to hear your thoughts on Global Entrepreneurship Week (#GEW) on Twitter @WaveAccounting