Congrats to our August Invoice to Win Contest Winners!

We’re excited to introduce to you our August Invoice to Win contest winners!

Our first winner was Shawn of IntegriMedia. Shawn runs a computer and network services consulting business, in addition to his 9-5. While consulting, many of his customers were using different apps from the Google Apps Marketplace to help them run their business — which is where Shawn discovered Wave.

Shawn of IntegriMedia headshot

He first started using Wave two years ago, when he was looking for a professional way to invoice his customers. When tax time hit, he realized the full value of Wave — all of his receipts, expenses and invoices were already organized and in one place!

IntegriMedia logo

Our second contest winner is Tyler of PC Medic. Tyler first developed a love of computers when he was able to watch someone else fixing one, and it ballooned from there.

Self-taught, Tyler has been helping those in his community with their technology problems for the last 5 years. Now, he’s finally opening up his own shop, which should open it’s doors next month.

PC medic logo

When Tyler first started looking for an accounting option, he knew he wanted something simple. He had experience with some other options on the marketplace, but he knew they were too complicated for his needs. After doing a web search for an invoicing and accounting program, Tyler found Wave. The ease of use was a big winning point — and Tyler signed up that day. Since then, he’s realized that not only is Wave easy to get started with, but also easier to use as he dives deeper.

Our last contest winner is Jeff of Indiana.

Congrats to all of our August contest winners.

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By Sara Rosenfeld

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