When your computer suddenly and inexplicably goes kerplooie, how confident are you in your data backup system? (You do have a data backup system, don't you?)

For most people the prognosis isn't good. Consider these news releases:

  • only 36% of people surveyed by Acronis (a data backup company) back up once a week; two thirds claim to back up every two or three months, but considering how badly most businesses would be hurt if they lost two or three months worth of data, that's almost like not having a backup at all. (Story at CNET news.)
  • a third of laptops will die in the first three years of operation, according to SquareTrade, a warranty provider for electronics. (PDF report.)
You can almost hear the wailing, can't you?

Data security and continuity is one of the strengths we built into Wave.

First of all, our customers never need to think, “What happens to my financial information if my computer goes boom?” Your data lives on sophisticated servers in a high-security space, where nobody will ever accidentally spill a non-fat no-foam latte on it.

Second, your data is backed up hourly, so should the unthinkable happen to our servers, your data is fully intact and you can keep on running your business without missing a beat.

So go ahead and live dangerously with your laptop. (That is, live a normal life.) Plug into outlets where people might trip on your cord. Open email attachments and risk getting a virus. Let your kids play games on the computer, or chase the dog around your desk. Sit on the dock and get a bit of extra work done while the uncoordinated neighbour learns to wakeboard.

Even if your computer is just a whisper away from a silicon-zapping crash, your financial data will be secure at Wave.

(This entry originally appeared in an earlier version of the Wave Accounting blog for small business.)