Customer statements are easy to generate reports that add up all invoices and payments from any customer at any point in time, and show you how much is still owing. They provide a quick snapshot, but also link to the detailed invoices and payments to give you the details. You can use them in Wave to quickly gain insights, or easily send them to your customers. And now, they're available for you in Wave!

Why you'll love customer statements

  • Get paid faster by sending customers with a quick summary of what they owe across multiple invoices.
  • Get insights fast. Knowing your history with your customers is key to making informed business decisions.
  • Customer statements follow the same beautiful and concise layout that you have come to expect from Wave.
  • Choose the statement that best meets your needs — a list of unpaid invoices, or an activity stream of all invoices and payments between two dates.
  • In addition to a quick statement summary, statements include all the invoice and payment details.
  • An Account Summary on the statement provides an "aging report", which shows how long invoices have been overdue and for what amount.
  • Your customers can view the statement online, and each invoice and payment is linked from the statement.

Why your customers will love them

  • Your repeat customers will no longer need to manually calculate how much they still owe, across multiple invoices.
  • Easy to read statements allows them to quickly view how much they owe.
  • We know your customers sometimes lose invoices you sent them — now they can view the entire statement online, with a link to each individual invoice.
  • Some customers need to report the total payments they have made to you for tax purposes.

So what are you waiting for? Check out customer statements today!