What's the only thing better than an easy to use, free online accounting application? An awesome website redesign to go with that easy to use, free online accounting application! For the first time since Wave launched in November 2010, we've done a full website redesign.

"But what about the tools I'm used to"

You might ask? Not to worry. While our developers are constantly working hard behind the scenes to make the accounting application (everything you see after logging in) even better, there has been no full redesign of the application.

What will change? The website (everything you see before logging in) has been redesigned to create an exciting, modern, and easy to navigate interface. You'll now be able to check in to our latest blog series, see our newest updates, and more right from the home page! We've added more information, some fun facts, and a whole lot more pizzaz.  Whether you're looking to find our tax resources, or for advice for small business owners, it's all redesigned and easy to find. You'll also find more information on the members of the Wave team, and even get access to some of our great business savings deals right from the website!

We've made a lot of great changes in this updated site that we hope you'll enjoy, and this is only step one! You've asked for it, and we're working to make it happen: Step two will be some great community tools, designed to help you stay in touch with other members of the Wave community.

We'd love to hear what you have to say about the site redesign, and can't wait to show you what else we have in store!