If we took away ALL the pain of accounting (and trust me, that's our goal), we'd still want to do more for your business. We want to give you big benefits, not just take away your pain.

So today I'm happy to announce a big step in that direction. Today we unveil our Business Savings page. With it, we're creating ways for you to keep more money in your pocket, and save time you may have spent searching for the best deals on products and services for your business.

When you're on your Business dashboard, you'll now see the new Business Savings tab. Click through, and what you get is a page full of Savings that are exclusively available to Wave customers.

Better than free accounting: money back in your pocket

Today's Business Savings range from business cards and software to email marketing and credit card processing services.

We like to think of ourselves as your purchasing department. We start with the purchasing power of the 40,000+ small businesses that have signed up for Wave so far. Leveraging that power, we do the legwork, negotiating better deals than you could on your own.

In the near future, we'll be making the Business Savings smarter and more extensive, too, so that you get the most appropriate offers that make sense to your business.

Now, I'll also point out that these Business Savings are precisely what makes Wave 100% free. From Day 1 we've been promising you a place where you can save money, and where Wave gets paid by the supplier. So today's announcement is a continuation of that promise. By offering you these Business Savings:

  • you save money
  • Wave gets paid
  • you keep getting a fast, easy, awesome accounting application for free!
That sounds like a win-win-win to us, and we really hope you like it.