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Google+ is entering into the Wild West of Social Media against heavy hitter favourites Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn. Is a showdown on its way? Nope. The truth is, there is no need for a showdown as each product has a purpose and benefit that is different and distinct. I read an article recently posted by my favourite site, which raises many good points on why you should get using using Google+. Here are another batch of reasons why Google+ is worth your time and effort.

1. It's owned by Google

It is owned by Google who happens to own the top search engine around. Using Google+ increases your Google ranking and search-ability.

2. Recruiters are using it

It is being used by recruiters now as it has fewer restrictions than LinkedIn. So if you are in recruiting (or want to be recruited) you should get familiar with it.

3. It's not congested (yet)

Google+ gets your message seen by more people because it isn't a congested social media space like Twitter and Facebook.

4. Circles can become an online database of contacts

Google+ allows you to create as many categories of contacts as you need (a.k.a. "Circles"), almost like an online database for you business contacts.

It can become your workspace hub of productivity: In one space you can work with your Google apps, track/research topics of interest in your industry and network with other like minded people.

5. It's a hub of productivity

After checking my Google+ stream I came across this glowing recommendation from digital guru Amber Mac:

Dear Google+ users,

I'm starting to love you more and more. As my entire social stream continues to explode with tiny meaningless updates (including a few of my own - oops), it's a treat to jump over here and discover a little more depth.

Enough said. Go register for Google+.

Google plus by Leigh Mitchell

—Leigh Mitchell discovered entrepreneurship when she was 12 years old. However, wanting "job security" she decided to settle into the security of a career in health promotion marketing.  While on maternity leave Leigh spent time connecting with women on Twitter and then decided to take the online relationships to the next level with in-person events. That, in turn, became the Women in Biz Network, which specializes in connecting, empowering and training digital women entrepreneurs through workshops, conferences and online learning. Leigh has been featured on CBC Radio, the Toronto Star, the Globe & Mail and in other media, and was a speaker at Blissdom Canada - Canada's first social media conference for women.

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