Today, Wave staffers took a quick break from building you great new tools that help you run your business in order to celebrate Halloween. Spirits were high as we dressed up and chowed down on some great food in a Wave potluck! 

wave potluck

Totally stuffed from great Halloween treats like ribs, dumplings, dips and pumpkin pie, it was on to the costume contest! We had some great entries this year, including catwoman, a zebra, and even Super Mario. In the end, the winner of the coveted Wave robot trophy was Dan, who won the costume contest with his creative costume, party-man, which even came accessorized with a soundtrack.

Some small business owners have told us that they miss office festivities during the holidays (just like Halloween). But with a little creativity, that can be resolved.

One small business owner, Teri Smith, decided coworkers or not, she was going to throw her very own Halloween party at her home office. The results looked like tons of fun, and she certainly isn't missing out on a costume contest!

Now we want to know: How are you celebrating Halloween in your small business? Let us know in the comments below!