Wave loves educators. We know how hard you work to get your students excited and engaged in the classroom, and we salute you for it. 

Not long ago, we heard from an amazing teacher. Rickesh Kotecha had become frustrated with desktop accounting software and wanted to find newer, more flexible tools to teach with. After a bit of searching, he found Wave—and brought our tools to his Accounting classroom. He was excited to offer his students a unique learning experience that was relevant for real-life entrepreneurs, and contacted Wave to tell us all about it.

We were psyched, and we wanted to help. So we got to work.

Introducing the Wave Secondary School Curriculum

In partnership with a fantastic teacher/author, we have created a new and exciting resource based on the Ontario Accounting Curriculum. We are opening up this curriculum, so teachers internationally can adapt it to their own classroom needs – no licenses or alternate versions necessary.

If you know a teacher, share this with them and help us make accounting education better! 

Download the Wave Secondary School Curriculum now.