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Did you know that 52% of small businesses in the United States are home based? That is more than 14 million home based businesses in the U.S. alone. Not to mention, there are nearly 300k new home businesses registered every month.

This means there is a good chance you recently purchased a product or service from a home business and you just never knew it. Just like other home businesses, you too can run your business from the comfort of your home without compromising professionalism.

Here are a few awesome tips from Talkroute:

Common Problem: You need the flexibility of multiple phones.

You’re running your business from home and it’s wonderful! You start the day with a cup of coffee and your laptop at the kitchen table, with your cordless phone nearby. That first business call comes in and you close your first deal. Congratulations!

As the day comes to a close, you realize it’s already 5:00pm and you are still sitting in the same place where you began your day. Imagine if you could take business calls on your landline line and cellular phone, you could go anywhere!

Solution: Getting a call manager for all of your devices. Whether you have a cellular phone, home phone, office phone or combination of phones, you’d benefit from bringing them into a simple to use and easy to organize phone system. Maybe you can add a menu that routes specific call to each device (press #1 for… press #2 for…).

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Common Problem: Using your home phone or mobile for business calls, all the time.

It’s 5:30PM and you have just closed for the day, but your customers don’t know it. Instead, you are receiving business related calls until the late evening hours.

By not establishing times for when your home or mobile business phone is available to receive calls, you are telling your callers that you are a 24/7 business and those missed calls after hours are customers assuming that they are being ignored!

Solution: Set specific date and time conditions for when your phones are available to receive calls. Considering playing a special message for callers after hours and route them to your business voicemail. By giving your phone time parameters, you let your customers know when you are open for business and it gives you a much needed break from your business.

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Common Problem: Giving out your home phone number.

If there is one major disadvantage to running your business from home, this has to be it. Nobody wants to give their home phone number out as a primary contact for their business.

Solution: Choosing a phone provider that gives a free phone number when you sign up. This additional phone number should be used as your primary business number. And/or transfer your existing number to organize all business calls in one place. Having call routing options, and “call announce” features also help you distinguish business from home calls.

To Learn more about how to organize your small business calls the easy way, check out TalkRoute’s video below. TalkRoute has worked with tens of thousands of small business owners effectively communicate with their customers.

Get started today for free, find our for youself if Talkroute is the solution for your small business!

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