This post by guest blogger Moira Milligan appears in our series of tools for WAHMs and mompreneurs.

[caption id="attachment_4647" align="alignright" width="170" caption="Moira Milligan, Certified Public Bookkeeper and mompreneur"]Moira Milligan is a veteran mompreneur and experienced bookkeeper[/caption]

Before my first child was born, I was a workaholic for over 17 years and held various high level, and stressful, executive secretarial positions. I started my own business 15 years ago, when my kids entered junior high school.

I think today's mompreneurs can benefit from the advice and ideas of those who have "been there, done that," and so I offer you these pointers:

  • Start slowly. Begin part-time and make sure you build your schedule to fit with things you need to do for your family. As they get used to you working, this will evolve.
  • Make a room or space for your business stuff. It's a no-go zone for the kids and husband.
  • Keep good records and save all your receipts. I always recommend that my new clients file everything by month in file folders. Not all business people know accounting, so get advice from an accountant or experienced bookkeeper.
  • Even if you are not able to hire a good bookkeeper to start with, keeping good records to turn over to an accountant to file your taxes will save you on fees. Doing your own taxes is not something I recommend. You need to make sure everything is covered.
  • No matter what kind of a business you have, make sure you work for people you get along with and who appreciate your skills.
  • Make sure you do your homework regarding your responsibilities when dealing with all levels of government In your area.
  • If at all possible have your business records on a separate laptop or stand-alone computer. I have seen many clients lose all of their work if a computer virus strikes or a meltdown occurs on a computer that was used for gaming.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for advice: You’ll be surprised how much you will learn.

Above all, stay true to what you believe in and enjoy your work!


Moira Milligan is a certified public bookkeeper in Delta, BC, and a veteran mompreneur. Her areas of expertise include non-profit organizations, construction sub-trades, retail and the medical profession.

Twitter: @moiramilligan

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