At Wave, we focus on small business owners— but we recently realized that we needed to do something to help out our amazing accountant friends. Tax season can be stressful, so we looked for the best way to help Accountants get social around this "taxing" time. 


I'm excited to introduce the newest product aimed at making the lives of accountants and bookkeepers easier... and more romantic: Hitch by Wave


Hitch is a brand new dating app aimed at connecting accountants to other amazing accountants and small business owners. We use smart, cutting edge profile matching algorithms to help North American accountants find true love. Hitch only accepts profiles with elite accounting credentials, so you'll only see profiles by people who can really balance the books. We're in the business of finance, so we'll know if an accountant is faking it. You can be sure your date has the right credentials, every time. 


All assets, no liabilities. Go to to see how we can help you meet an accountant, and fall in love today.