Yesterday (November 16), Wave turned 5. This kind of milestone is great for reflecting on where we’ve been successful and where we need to improve in order to continue to earn your trust for the next 5 years.

Since our launch, almost 2 million small business owners from all over the world have registered for Wave. I'm humbled that so many people have joined us on our journey. And we’re proud that the tools we’ve built so far have helped you run your business more effectively, and freed you from the tasks that get in the way of you doing what you love.

At the same time, we know there's a lot more we need to do, to make your business easier to run, your finances easier to understand and — our ultimate goal — to make your business goals a reality.

Announcing "Next Wave"

A few months ago we began an intensive effort behind the scenes, to bring you a new generation of tools that will simplify your daily business activities like never before. This past Tuesday we updated the look and feel of Wave. Next up: Over the coming year, you're going to see us steadily unveil a much improved product suite. Wave will be faster. Wave will be easier to use and more powerful, across our whole ecosystem of tools. Wave will be more mobile, on the devices you use most.

We call this effort Next Wave, and it's based heavily on the feedback you’ve given us.

As a first step, you can expect to see exciting improvements to our invoicing tools — you'll hear more about that in a couple of weeks.

Because Wave is a large, complex system, Next Wave is a big endeavor: It's going to take about 12 months to roll out all the benefits across all of the products. And everything will be rigorously tested in alpha and beta periods first, with real-world customers, before features are released to the whole Wave community. You can read about that in this extended blog post.

But it all starts now.

You've trusted us with your small business financial life. We take that very seriously, and over the next several quarters we pledge to deliver on our mission to simplify small business. Please join us as we set a new standard on just how easy it can be to manage your business's finances.


Kirk Simpson
Co-Founder & CEO, Wave