Introducing Receipts by Wave

It’s time to kick clutter to the curb. And with our newest free tool, Receipts by Wave, it’s never been easier.

Fully integrated with Wave’s accounting tools, you can upload your receipts by our iOS mobile app or right into Wave’s web app. We also have an Android version (in beta), and email tools are just around the corner!

We do it all using smart technology that pulls as much information as possible from the image of your receipt. You’ll then confirm the information, make any changes and then approve it. From there, it’ll flow into your transactions page and pair with the transaction from your bank.

And that’s it! You’ll never have to deal with paper clutter or inaccurate records again. Your receipts will flow seamlessly into Wave’s accounting tools, and you can take care of them on the spot, so they never end up cluttering a wallet or adding to a growing to-do list.

Want to see Receipts by Wave in action? Check out our Getting Started Guide for lots of quick tips and tricks to make your record keeping a breeze.

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By Sara Rosenfeld

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