Last week, we let you know that we've just launched an integration with Shoeboxed, a great tool that lets you capture your receipts online.

Now, we want to let you know why this integration is the best way for you to go paperless, stay organized and save time.

So let's start at the beginining: You have a whole mess of receipts, a business that doesn't afford you a whole lot of time for back-office tasks, and not enough coffee in the world to make that pile of receipts seem any less terrifying.

Wave and Shoeboxed, an unstoppable duo!

You can use Shoeboxed to quickly and easily capture all of those receipts, no fuss, no muss, and definitely no manual entry. It's as simple as mailing, scanning, or photographing your receipts to instantly turn them into useful online records. Then you can hook up your Shoeboxed account to Wave, and all of your information is in one system, easy peasy!

You can even see an image of the original receipt, right inside of Wave. Just click the paper clip icon and the picture pops up. This can make it super easy for you to remember details about expenses, months after they happen. Having all of your receipt information easily linked to your online accounting is so helpful — for both you and your accountant.

Wave also has a great de-duplication tool, which comes in handy if you connect both your bank account and Shoeboxed to Wave. If Wave sees a duplicate transaction, it gets flagged so you can deal with it with one click.

Your accountant will thank you, your business partners will thank you, and you'll thank yourself next time you need to find the receipt associated with a difficult to remember expense . Congratulations you organizational hero! Now all you need is a cape and a sidekick...How could this get any sweeter? With a great deal from Shoeboxed for Wave customers! For a limited time, Shoeboxed is offering Wave customers an additional 100 scans on a 30-day free trial, plus a free Shoeboxed t-shirt!