Now, our invoices have less Wave, more you!

invoices less Wave more you

Next time you send an invoice to your customer, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise! We’ve removed the Wave branding from the right side bar, so the invoices will be less Wave, and more you!

As we grew, we used this message to help more small business owners discover Wave. Now, we’ve heard you loud and clear: You want your invoices to focus on your business, and get to the details fast.

What you’ll now see

When you invoice your customers, you’ll now see the same invoices you know and love. The only change that’s been made is to the right bar, where the Wave logo and messaging has been removed. To see exactly how your invoice will look, check out our new Preview by Device feature! Select “view” on your invoice, and then “preview.” From here, you can select the desktop, tablet, and mobile device icons at the top of the screen to see what your invoice looks like to your customer, no matter what device they open it on!

With less information on your invoices, your customers can focus on the details immediately! It’s just another way we’re working to help you represent your business better, and get paid faster in the process!

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By Sara Rosenfeld

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