We heard your feedback, and just in time to start the new year we've created a simple and streamlined way to view, send, and manage your invoices.

Now, from a single page, you can:

  • see when the invoice was viewed by your client
  • find out when and how your invoice was paid, and send a receipt
  • send or re-send your invoice (now with live preview)
  • quickly create another invoice
  • see your invoice status at a glance

...and more.

Invoice view page

Invoice templates get a makeover

We’ve updated our invoice templates! These 3 new designs make better use of your customizable accent color, to really show off your brand. All the new templates were professionally designed to make your invoices easier to read and understand, so your clients can pay you faster.

Invoice templates

These new templates replace what you’ve used in the past. Your template will be upgraded automatically to the new "Contemporary" template. You can change templates, along with your accent color, in the Invoice Customization settings.

These improvements are available now in your Wave account. Create an invoice to see for yourself.

That’s not all! We're working on even more improvements. Coming soon: an easier, faster and more customizable way to create invoices.

Thanks, and on behalf of the Wave team, Happy New Year!

Rahim Damji
Invoicing Product Manager