Being a part of the marketing and communications department at a fast-paced start-up sounds pretty epic right? Yes, yes it is. This summer, as a doe-eyed, idealistic marketing grad, I was contemplating options for my first big career move. CEO? Millionaire? All by the time I'm 25? That sounded just about right! So to tell the truth, accounting software wasn't a product I had considered getting involved with. But the opportunity at Wave sounded interesting, and I decided to throw myself in the unknown and apply to be an intern.

Kruti and Sara representing Wave

It's been great. I've covered a lot of ground over my three months here. My internship involved behind-the-scenes communication with Wave's incredible customers and business partners, meeting them one-on-one at various company events (like the Small Business Forum, pictured here) and never having to do coffee runs (unless I was craving a latte myself). I worked on SEM, SEO, analytics, social media, blogging, community building, and a lot more.

Furthermore, being able to voice an opinion and not only have it be heard but also considered has been refreshing. Along with putting my communication skills to good use, an important aspect of working in the marketing department is market research. Even though it was the topic of discussion in every single one of my courses as a university student, I was taught to truly apply it at Wave. The significance of market research before launching major projects and consistent market scanning are two lessons well taught and well learned.

There are numerous perks in working at a start-up like Wave. Witnessing the company grow and achieve great successes, and the sense of pride that comes with it, is one of them. And here's some inside scoop: In an office like this, you never want to call in sick on Fridays -- you never know what you're going to miss! During my time here, Wave moved offices twice, closed $5 million in funding, doubled the number of signups and won a bunch of awards. Every day is a new adventure.

Going into the internship I had no idea what to expect. Being surrounded every way you look by tech geniuses can be pretty intimidating for an absolute newbie in the field. However, Wave's company culture attracts those:

  1. with passion
  2. willing to take the initiative
  3. ready to push the boundaries and explore new opportunities.
With continuous encouragement from down-to-earth mentors and co-workers, this internship has allowed me to get my feet wet while reaching new heights. Here's how you can be a part of the awesome team at Wave and experience all of the above and more for yourself!