hate spreadsheets Our cover story:

Spreadsheets are bad and mean and ugly. Real ugly. So when our head of Design & UI, Dave Cooper, encountered spreadsheets terrorizing a small business owner, he leapt into the fray without any concern for himself or his well-being.

Dave saved the day. And the small business owner? Life is now beautiful, having been freed from the chaos and confusion of trying to do his bookkeeping with columns, rows and a shoebox full of receipts.

Real, not-nearly-as-dramatic story:

I have the pleasure of working with a great team here at Wave HQ, and have been planning to do a series of profiles on the people behind the scenes. This morning, Dave (one of the nicest guys you can meet) showed up looking like this, all scrape-y, bruise-y and ooze-y. So I thought, "Hey, why not start the profiles now?!"

In his professional life, Dave does some extraordinary design and user-interface work, and most of what you see on Wave so far has his fingerprints all over it. He's a key part of what makes the user experience at Wave Accounting different from, well, anywhere else. Before Wave, he was behind some slick sites for major enterprises such as St. Joseph Media and CanWest Mediaworks.

Now, as for the face he subjected us to this morning: Dave is a committed urban cyclist, and rides his bike in to the Wave offices most mornings, even in the cold Toronto winters. And today, that little dusting of snow covering the lakeside bike path was also covering a patch of zero-friction ice. Tires met ice, head met pavement. Ouch.

A little Polysporin later, Dave is fine, and the work at Wave HQ continues. But he's gonna catch heck tonight from Amanda and the kids. Ouch all over again.

(You can see Dave's matinee-idol looks, pre-wipe-out, here.)