Meet our January Invoice to Win Contest Winner!

blackbird photography message

In January, our grand prize contest winner was Melissa of Blackbird Photography!

Now, you could win this February!

The prize:

This February, our grand prize is $250 — which you’ll have a chance to double to $500! You can put it towards your business, or even use the unexpected money to treat yourself.

How to enter:

  1. Create an invoice with “Wave” as the customer name, and “” as the email address. Call your product “Contest entry” and set your price for $250.
  2. Send the invoice.
  3. Turn on Payments by Wave so we can pay the invoice if you’re our winner this month.
  4. Double your prize! Send the tweet “Check out for free invoicing and more! #SmallBiz”. Then, write your Twitter handle in the memo field of your invoice. If your invoice is chosen as the winner, we’ll make the prize $500!

That’s it — you’re entered. Good luck!

Contest terms & conditions.

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By Sara Rosenfeld

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