In November, we continued with our popular Invoice to Win contest!

Now, meet our November contest winner: Vernon of SoundCrater!

Vernon and his friend and co-founder have been musicians for over ten years. There were recording studios near them for big contracts with big name musicians, but nowhere that regular working people could go. There were no reasonable, competitively priced outlet for musicians like him, so Sound Crater Recording was born!

Now, Sound Crater Recording is just wrapping up the first phase of construction! They have a live room ready, and have already taken on their first few customers. Vernon loves that he's building something from the ground up, and getting to apply all he's learned in the past to a project that he owns.

While starting Sound Crater, Vernon was looking for apps that would help him along the way. He wanted tools he could learn quickly and easily, without a lot of clutter.

Sound Crater's first few customers were actually invoiced the old fashioned way (that's right — pen and paper!) but after discovering Wave, the switch was easy to make.