In October, we continued with our popular Invoice to Win contest!

Now, meet our October contest winner: Chris Haggard of Vizy Labs.

Vizy Labs is a complete service company with locations in Texas, New Mexico and California that offers mobile app development, website design, marketing, social media management, video production and graphic design. It began in 2010 with three guys in California who decided that with all of their powers combined, they could create some great stuff! Since then, Vizy Labs has grown to have offices in California, Texas and New Mexico, and works with people from across the US.

Chris uses quite of a few of the Wave tools to help keep Vizy Labs running smoothly. Whether it's our accounting, invoicing, or receipt management, he loves that Wave helps Vizy Labs control and track their finances, organize their customers and even automate invoices to be sent out every month. And of course, he loves that he can access all these tools in one spot!